For 10 years I have been working with ITC companies and research center to create multimedia installations for museums, expo and live exhibitions characterized by great visual impact, immersion, reflection, sometimes magic.

I work in small and large installation for national and international events. I am traveling all over Italy, in many European cities and I had unforgettable experience in faraway places like Libya or Jordan.

Mostly of the installation presented use Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Interactive Projection Mapping technologies. I work in different position and in close contact with many operators involved in the exhibition. My rule is fluid, I can work as architect, video projection designer, 3D content producer, software developer, 360° photographer, structural engineer. I do not retreat from manual work, I adapt myself to doing small electrical work, carpentry, electronics or painting.


Going back to recent times …

“Crossroads” Exhibition Cap.3. Byzantine and Christian Museum Athens – 2017

“Crossroads” Exhibition Cap.1. Hungarian National Museum Budapest – 2016

“Keys To Rome” Exhibition, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome. Italy 2014

Expo, festival or live events

Maker Fair – Rome 2018;

Malaysia – 2016;

AIROME, Digital Heritage Expo, Granada. Spain 2015

“Madonna of the Goldfinch, Raffaello”, Digital Heritage Expo. Marseille, France, 2013

PORTUS FORTUNÆ – Pesaro International Film Festival 2013

Cronofobia Exhibitions

other experiences


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