VR Solutions

The original idea is to create new VR tools for research and museum installation.

The modular software solution meet different exigences and it is easy to customize in relation with space, interaction, function and content. Using the software  is used to create Virtual Tour for single user or multi users. The contents can be 2D (typically a 360° panorama) or 3D. Many different devices (tablet, joystick, touchscreen, video / laser tracking systems, MIDI, etc.) and  sensors (Kinect, Leap Motion, IR camera) are tested to create special type of interaction with the VR. The display can be a single screen or a multi-projection on real surface. Thanks to a embedded tools for geometric calibration and soft-edge blending it is possible to create an immersive room with a free shape surface. Specially inside museums the projections are monoscopic to avoid stress on user and the problem of distribution of special glasses.

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