I graduated in 2008 from the Polytechnic University of Marche in Civil Engineering – Architecture, after which I have continued my research and in 2012 I received the title of Ph.D. in “Topography and Photogrammetry” (Geomatic) with a thesis entitled “Close-Range Photogrammetry and Visual Design for Cultural Heritage” (Supervisor: Prof. Gabriele Fangi).

The research aims to develop a low-cost work-flow for interactive visualization of digital models of architectures and archaeological sites. Special topics are spherical photogrammetry, structure from motion, image-based modeling and real-time video processing.

I participate in various survey projects at national and international level, several of them in UNESCO archaeological sites. The most significant of these projects, based on the uniqueness of  the place as well as for the complexity of the work, have been completed in Libya (Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Ghadames), Jordan (Petra) and Ghana (Elmina and Cape Coast).

The research on the issues of relief and virtual reconstruction has been joined, and finally integrated in stimulating activities of visual design for museum installations.

I developed several prototypes (structure, hardware and software) for interactive virtual navigation, video projections on urban spaces and holographic representation. The tools implemented have a high level of customization and implementation, and have been used to create photogrammetric tools and museum installations. The proposed and developed technologies have been used in particular in the following museums: “Museum of Lybia,” Tripoli 2009; “TAMO, The Museum of the mosaic”, Ravenna 2010; “MU.VI (Interactive Virtual Museum) “Caselle in Pittari (SA) 2012 and” SPADO, ‘The eclectic artist who charmed Europe “, Ancona 2012.

Currently I’m working in different projects in collaboration with universities, private companies, freelance artists and documentarists.

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