I am designing, developing, prototyping multimedia installations like:

  • Spacial Augmented Reality and 3D Projection Mapping
  • Holographic Projection (Pepper’s Ghost)
  • VR tool Multi Interaction (Touchscreen, Eyes Tracking, MIDI, etc.)
  • CAVE or DOME (Planar, Curved or Spherical Surfaces)
  • Interactive Multi Contents Player
  • Mixed Reality Showcase
  • VR on line conferences

Some videos…

CAVE and Real Time Video Mixing

Tangible User Interface, ARDUINO and Video Player

VR Solutions 3

Spherical Photogrammetry, 3D Reconstruction and Real Time Video Processing

Large Video Projection for Museums

Immersive Video Projection, VR tool

Low cost CAVE, VR tool and 360 photo

Virtual Reality, Hologram (Pepper’s Ghost) and Natural Interaction

Interactive Hologram (Pepper’s Ghost)

Audio/Video Live Exhibition